“Who, me?  A sinner?  Not me!  Check this.  I never killed anyone, and I never robbed a bank.  I don’t sell drugs, and I am not with the Mafia, so nobody could say I am a sinner.  I am a cool, peaceloving person, and I don’t interfere with people.”

     Wait a minute. If you are not a sinner, then you are a saint?  Before you respond, ask yourself the following questions. Click Here to continue Reading……….


At its command soldiers become alert, students stop misbehaving and people stop talking – quite normal responses especially when someone in authority yells, “ATTENTION!”

What about the highest authority in the universe, God?  Does anyone pay attention to Him?  Does God get anybody’s attention?  Does God get your attention?  I’m not talking about the little prayer you recite daily or the religious ceremonies you take part in from time to time.  I mean, does God really have your undivided attention?

If not, exactly what has to happen before He gets your serious attention?  Does a close family member or friend have to die? Click Here To Continue Reading……….