“The book is exceptional.  I love it”  

A grateful reader said, “Thank you for helping me live the overcoming life.” 

“Awesome… I myself have been truly blessed after reading, and I saw changes in my life… this book is deep” 

A Nigerian resident exclaimed, “It’s a real treat”  

“A single mother at my church testified after reading the first few chapters in this powerful book.  It helped her overcome situations with her ex-husband who abandoned her and her children.  She broke down because she was finally able to break the strongholds that were over her life”  

A senior pastor declared confidently, “This is one of the best investments I have made.”  

Another senior pastor said, “I did a two weeks sermon series on your book”  

“Awesome, the book is really an eye opener in every area in this Christian walk that we all have difficulties in living d overcoming life.  Very practical.”  These are the words of a mother of three.  

“Excellent story, Richardson! I couldn’t stop reading this book. Highly recommended to everyone in this great community” said an Amazon #1 bestselling author.  

“Love this book…Best money I ever spent” a gentleman remarked after reading the book once and setting out to re-read it.    

A missionary testified that after returning from a missions trip to the Guyana interior that “the people in the village were living in defeat and I used the book in most of the sessions teaching them how to overcome these challenges.  This book was very instrumental in the lives of the people…All who had backslidden came back to Jesus and the Church was restored.”  

“Reading this book right now. What you wrote about waiting and patience is amazingly powerful.”  

“U march Pastor TD Jakes n them. Proud of u Trni” said a nationally acclaimed Gospel music minister.  

“I sold one [book] to a girl in church who had real bad self-esteem problems.  Right now, she is in the praise and worship team because she got the courage to use her talent God gave to her.”  

“I truly enjoyed the chapter on Overcoming Misunderstandings and had to underline the words ‘you may have been a victim of misunderstanding, but now is your time to overcome it and get on with your life as God designed it.’  This really helped me.  I am enjoying every page so thank you.”  

A current student acknowledged, “That book helped me in my studies and other areas.”  

“It was a blessing for me as I was going through that difficult period.”  

A Christian leader happily related to me that he could not put down the book after reading the first two pages and taught the contents of the book in his church’s Bible study for more than three months and the people really enjoyed the study.  He also commended the book for being very practical.  

“This book reads like The Purpose Driven Life (by Rick Warren)” said an elderly gentleman. 

A youth said words to the effect that she read only 4 pages of the book and it changed her life, and she stressed the only 4 pages.  She was very depressed and she is no longer depressed.  

A pastor’s spontaneous feedback when asked about the book was, “blown away.”  She mentioned that she started to read it as soon as she received it and said that she could not put the book down and continued reading late into the night.  Within two weeks, she read the book twice because it was so inspirational and was going to read it a third time.  

A medical doctor commended the book concisely – “It’s a great book”  

This book “is amazing, inspiring, insightful and helpful” said a satisfied reader.  

“The book Living the Overcoming life has practically reignited a passion to live.  When Pastor Richardson George wrote about utilizing your time while you wait.  Hmm. I decided to do things for me.  Enhance me.  Get me ready.  I went back to the drawing board of me and it feels great.  Self-confidence and self-awareness have increased.  Read the book people.  Go get it.”  (Anonymous)  

“I absolutely enjoyed this book!…finished my first read of it last week and started it again this week!….it’s simplicity of language yet the power of the messages are life-changing to say the least!  Every key point of Jesus’ overcoming life is touched on in a most profound way.  I encourage everyone to get a copy!”  “I know from reading it that this book has a wealth of information in it that it would be such a blessing to everyone!  Honestly I’ve read many books by Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes etc…..but this is my favourite!”