LIVING THE OVERCOMING LIFE – Practical Principles for Overcoming Life’s Challenges

This book, Living The Overcoming Life is about life where the rubber meets the road.  It is not a set of theoretical, hypothetical or even theological jargon.  It is about practical strategies for overcoming life’s real challenges.  The book presents overcoming strategies for issues such as rejection, misunderstanding, impatience, negative thinking, unforgiveness, envy and revenge to mention a few.  You would be pleasantly surprised by several things you will read in this book even from reading the first few free pages of the book


ONE OF MANY TESTIMONIES “I absolutely enjoyed this book!…finished my first read of it last week and started it again this week!….it’s simplicity of language yet the power of the messages are life-changing to say the least!  Every key point of Jesus’ overcoming life is touched on in a most profound way.  I encourage everyone to get a copy!”  “I know from reading it that this book has a wealth of information in it that it would be such a blessing to everyone!  Honestly I’ve read many books by Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes etc…..but this is my favourite!” 

QUOTATIONS “You cannot change your past as regrettable or as enjoyable as it may have been, but you can certainly determine your future by the actions you take today”

“If you really want to live the overcoming life, you cannot remain at the lowest level and expect to experience the highest degree of victory”  

“Spiritual growth is a choice not an unexpected discovery”   

“How many people have not done anything about anything and do not have anything substantial to show about anything?”

“When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive”

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future” 

“Daily private prayer keeps your relationship with God fresh and your spiritual life vibrant, and you should never sacrifice it on the altar of busyness or on any other altar.”

“We must always live in the realm of the resurrection, but never forget the price of the crucifixion”



#1 “The woman with the issue of blood had a desire to be healed. In order for it to become reality, she had to generate positive thoughts, tell herself positive things and take corresponding positive actions to get her desired positive result.  Matthew 9:20-22 tells us that the woman touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and was healed.  However, verse 21 reveals that her healing was the climax of a short but powerful process which says, “For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be made whole.” It was her positive mental disposition of thinking and saying something positive to herself that initiated her healing.  She locked one positive thought in her mind, acted on it and experienced healing.  What have you been thinking and saying to yourself?  What kind of thoughts do you have locked in your mind about your present difficult situation; thoughts that bring death or thoughts that bring healing?  Why not do like this woman and lock at least one positive thought in your mind, act on it and see how God will come through for you.”

#2 “Like Jesus, you sometimes undergo all kinds of mock trials outside the courtroom when people pretend to be on your side and seeking your best interest when they are really plotting evil against you.  They speak to you well in front your face but stab you behind your back.  They make promises they do not intend to keep.  It’s all a mockery, but you can overcome mockery.”  

#3     Matthew 2:1 says, “Now when Jesus was born…”  Jesus overcame the resistance against His emergence and He was born.  He made it out alive.  His parents were excited as any parents would be when a healthy baby is born.  The events surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ gave His parents the distinct impression that He was very special.  Everybody created by God is special as was said earlier, “God don’t make no junk” (Ethel Waters).  Everything God makes has value and purpose and that definitely includes you.  You exist today because God helped you to overcome all the opposing forces against you while you were in the womb.  Unfortunately, many did not make it from the womb to the world, but you did.  However, being here does not mean that life will be free of challenges and difficulties.  Truly, life is not a bed of roses.  Just when you feel like you are set and ready to go and you are ideally positioned to fulfill your purpose in life, you realize that you have another thing coming.

     Jesus was now released into the world.  Visitors, gifts and prophetic utterances about future accomplishments abounded.  Shepherds, wise men, angels and significant religious personalities all played their part in affirming the salvific role of Jesus in the world.  Jesus was born to be the Saviour of the world (Matthew 1:21).  

     Now things got serious.  When you think everybody would be happy when you appear on the scene, watch out.  Don’t be fooled.  Everybody would not be excited and exuberant about you and your achievements and spiritual progress.  Matthew 2:3 tells us that when Jesus was born and declared to be King of the Jews, Herod was troubled, but he was not the only one troubled.  All Jerusalem was also troubled.  They were agitated at the thought of Jesus appearing.  Herod may have thought, “What king of the Jews?”  “We have a king already and I am that king, and there is room for only one king in this kingdom.”  While wise men sought Jesus to worship Him (Matthew 2:2), Herod sought to kill Him (Matthew 2:13, 16). 

     Don’t be surprised when Herod gets troubled as soon as you show up.  It happened to Jesus and don’t think it cannot happen to you.  It seems as if the devil has Herods specially positioned to monitor our progress and to react when necessary and move in for the kill, but pay them no mind.  

     Sure enough Satan goes for the jugular.  He goes for the kill.  He could not afford to let Jesus survive and fulfill the numerous Old Testament prophecies of His coming.  Satan had to get rid of Jesus and get rid of Him in His infancy, in fact, while He was still a very young child.  

     Satan cannot afford to let you live and become the spiritual giant and world changer God created you to be.  He is fully aware of the devastating consequences on him and his kingdom if you only get the chance to emerge.  Just the moment you decide to give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ or to come out of your spiritual comfort zone and take action to develop your spiritual life and make it count for God or go to your next level, Satan launches a fiery dart at you (Ephesians 6:16).  Don’t be surprised or thrown off balanced by that scare tactic.  You can face every missile of Satan with the confidence that no weapon formed against you shall prosper (Isaiah 54:17).  God will defend you.

     The reality is that you are too much of a threat to Satan and his kingdom so he will try to take you out early.  After the wise men found Jesus and worshiped Him, they were warned by God to return to their homeland by another route.  That made Herod furious which led to a most barbaric act described in Matthew 2:16 which says, “Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.”  Herod was not playing games.  His aim was not to wound but to kill.  His plan was to exterminate Jesus before He could grow up to become the supreme King that Herod heard about.  

     Likewise, Satan launches vicious attacks against Christians today without a second thought.  Those attacks are merciless and ferocious, and what makes them more lethal is that they are usually launched in times of great vulnerability, even during infancy.  When we are groping in the infancy of spiritual life, ministry involvement or any new endeavor, he strikes.  Don’t be surprised by this.  To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  Satan will attack during the infancy of every conceivable new endeavor.  He is never excited about the birth of anything that poses a threat to him or puts a spoke in his wheel.  Therefore, he will strike before it has a fair chance to get off the ground or get rolling, and don’t expect Satan to be fair.  He isn’t and will never be.  

     He strikes in infancy if he did not succeed in eliminating you at birth.  You are a prime target for Satan’s fiery darts.  As soon as you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, Satan makes his move.  He targets you and strikes viciously.  Why is that so?  Before giving your life to Jesus, you were a loyal subject in Satan’s kingdom.  When you accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you defect from Satan’s kingdom and immediately become a citizen of God’s heavenly kingdom.  He doesn’t wave you good bye and say, “It was wonderful having you as my slave and I guess it’s time for you to leave, so enjoy yourself with your new master.”  No!  It’s more like, “Where do you think you are going?  Not so easy pal.”  With that said, he does everything in his power to recapture and enslave you, but God is more than able to deliver you.  

#4. Knowing your purpose in life empowers you to overcome misunderstanding and puts you in the advantageous position of channeling your life in a predetermined direction that is mapped out for you to travel.  Jesus overcame misunderstanding and the unreasonable expectations of others associated with Him by knowing His purpose for being.  Since God is your creator, He is the one who determines your purpose for existence, so connecting with Him and staying connected is critical.  The creator of anything is the one who determines its purpose.  When your purpose is indelibly etched in your mind and heart, it will manifest  itself  in  your  daily  life  and  produce 

several benefits as follows:   

► You will be doing what you were born to do 

► You  will  be  less  confused  than  if  you  did  not  know your purpose      

► You will be less distracted by secondary things   

► You will make choices easier 

► You will reject things that do not line up with your purpose much easier 

► You will experience a more fulfilling life It will also be easier to take certain actions which will help you fulfil your purpose in some way.    

     You will not be living your life from one experiment to the next so that your life is not just one big experiment with no definite aim.  You will see problems as temporary, as a delay rather than denial.  You will live with more motivation, zeal and enthusiasm.  You cannot wait for tomorrow to come as opposed to others who dread the thought of another day coming.  Your life will be more joyful because it’s a good feeling to know that you are doing what you were born to do.  

     The secret to happiness, joy, victory and success in life is to know your purpose in life and to fulfill it with all your might.  You will even accept the necessary sacrifice you have to make because you know where you are going and that the sacrifice is worth it.

     One of the most troubling questions for people who have not discovered their fundamental purpose for existence is “Why am I here?”  This is an essential question that every person must ask and answer, and the earlier it is asked and answered the better it will be.  Perhaps you have not been able to answer that question as yet and you have not nailed down confidently your purpose in life.  You keep moving from one activity and programme to the next.  Maybe you move from one job to the next, one career to the next, one church to the next, one ministry to the next, even one country to the next and never really settle anywhere.  Then that could possibly be a sign that you have not discovered your ultimate purpose in life as yet.  That is a sad state to be in.  In that state, you struggle through life.  You are busy but unfulfilled.  You cannot say “no” to things that distract you and otherwise hinder your progress when saying “no” is the most appropriate response.  You are aging and not feeling as if you are accomplishing your life’s goal.  You are uncertain of your next move when you come to a juncture in your life.  You don’t even know why you are living.  For such a person, suicide is not a distant thought.   Nevertheless, suicide is always a waste of a life.  It is my opinion that everybody who commits suicide was not living a purpose driven life or probably was not absorbed by it.  A purpose driven person looks to the future with great anticipation rather than trying to find ways of escaping it.  It is more profitable to put the same energy into finding your purpose and fulfilling it than into everything else outside of your God-given purpose. CLICK HERE TO ORDER THIS BOOK NOW