GREAT COMMISSION CHRISTIANS-A practical guide to effective evangelism and discipleship

Great Commission Christians is a practical guide to effective evangelism and discipleship. It is written from a purely EVANGELICAL PERSPECTIVE with the solid backing of Scripture for the principles taught. This book has a very strong practical emphasis with principles, strategies and methods presented in an easy to apply manner. The book is divided into three major divisions as follows: 1. Evangelism, 2. Church Planting and 3. Discipleship. As the title suggests, the thrust of the book is on fulfilling the Great Commission as given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18 – 20 which when rightly interpreted and understood mandates the making of disciples that being the main command in the passage. Therefore, if we are doing everything else and we are not making disciples, then we are not fulfilling the Great Commission. Conversely, the Great Commission is only fulfilled when disciples are made. It is written in an elegant style and at a level that the average reader can understand it. Great Commission Christians can be used as a manual for local church evangelism and discipleship as well as for personal study. It can also be used as a text book at the certificate or diploma level. One satisfied reader said that this book should be an item in every household.