One reader told me that “the book is excellent” and that “there could not be a better book for this time.” She also said that she “could not put down the book.” She read half of it in one day.

This book is about defying or overcoming the storms or problems we all experience in life. The book identifies principles from Peter’s experience of being caught in an unexpected storm on the Sea of Galilee and walking on water in it and also making history (Matthew 14:22-33). These principles are applied to us as we face storms in our own lives today. Instead of being destroyed by
life’s storms as others are, you can face your storm and defy it confidently and
even use it to make history as Peter did. The book also extracts characteristics of history makers from Peter’s experience showing how you too can make history.

In my part of the world, the hurricane season begins on 1st June and ends on 30th November. In life, the hurricane season begins on 1st January and ends on 31 st December. They strike at any time. Storms are a sad reality of life that we all face but can never get accustomed to and quite often don’t know how to respond or defy them. Financial, relational, moral, spiritual, personal and other life threatening storms blow your way leaving little or no hope of survival. They frequently leave people devastated and sometimes dead, not just
physically. Fortunately, you don’t have to be another storm statistic. My book DEFYING THE STORMS IN YOUR LIFE: How To Overcome The Problems In Your Life And Even Make History tells how you can defy or overcome your storms and possibly make history at the same time as Peter did when he walked on water in his storm to go to Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33).

“God is bigger than any storm you are experiencing right now” “Many people have passed through life storms as fierce as this one and even worse and defied them and so can you” “It is extreme circumstances that provide the ideal opportunity for extraordinary
creativity and for making history” “Maybe you have been waiting for God to do something while He is waiting for you to do something”
“People who defy their storms do not just wait passively for something positive to happen”
“Beware of others who try to impose their limitations on you and tell you what
you can do and what you cannot do” “Not to try because of the fear of failure is to deprive yourself of all the possibilities of success.” FREE on Kindle Unlimited



1 – From the introduction to the book

“This book focuses on the account of a storm at sea recorded in Matthew 14:22-33. The disciples of Jesus were caught in this severe storm while sailing across the Sea of Galilee and Jesus went to them walking on the water. After some verbal exchanges with Jesus, Peter actually walked on the water then began to sink. As I reflect on past expositions of this passage, I realize that we tend to focus more on Peter sinking rather than on him walking on the water. Most times I hear an exposition on this passage, the message highlights Peter’s mistake of taking his eyes off Jesus and as a result of this, sinking. This is followed by an exhortation to keep our eyes on Jesus if we want to avoid sinking. While this serves a useful purpose, it is a somewhat limited view of the passage which emphasizes Peter’s failure rather than his success. Few people sharing on this passage expound on Peter’s successful walk on water in the midst of a violent storm. Most people minimize and sometimes overlook that salient fact entirely. This happens because it is natural for human beings to focus on negatives and failures rather than on positives and successes. In some way, we may be predisposed to operate this way. For an ordinary man to walk on water was an achievement that had never been done before and has never been repeated since. Yet that achievement has been slighted in preference for his sinking. On that day Peter defied a life-threatening storm and also made history. Such an accomplishment must be acknowledged and celebrated. Not only that, but the account should be examined closely to extract from it some very valuable life principles to apply when we face our personal storms.
Peter did several specific things and observed some specific principles that
enabled him to walk on the water and defy the storm that day. If we discover those principles and practice them, we too can walk on water defying the fierce storms in our personal lives and even make history.
On a more personal level, have you ever noticed that some people focus on
problems rather than on possibilities and solutions? They are problem oriented rather than solution oriented. They tend to see the problem in every proposed solution. Such people generally seldom defy storms in their lives and never make history because they are trapped and defeated by their own problem mentality. On the other hand, people who defy the storms in their lives view situations differently, thus positioning themselves to even make history in some way as Peter did.”

2 – From Characteristics of history-makers

“Like this account in the Bible, many times making history is not planned but is a spontaneous response to a terrible situation, a severe problem, a tough challenge, a difficult test, a stiff competition, a pressing personal need, meeting someone else’s need, a seemingly lost cause etc. In the midst of such situations, people make history.
Sometimes life positions us ideally to experience a miracle or to make
history, like being caught in an unexpected “storm” or being confronted by an unwelcome problem. When life is normal and the sea of your life is calm, there is no opportunity or necessity to do something out of the ordinary. It is extreme circumstances that provide the ideal opportunity for extraordinary creativity and for making history. Generally speaking, history makers are people who faced a problem of some kind that they were willing to put every effort into resolving and they succeeded. What are the characteristics of people who take such adverse circumstances and make history out of them?”