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Spanish Discipleship Book For New Believers LEARN MORE PULSA AQUÍ PARA SABER MÁS

“The emphasis in this book is that no matter how far you may have fallen or how hopeless your situation may be, God is able to deliver you and take you to higher levels as you use what you have in cooperation with Him. Despite that reality, many people still build their lives around their deficiencies and difficulties and suffer the accompanying adverse consequences. In that vein, some people’s lives are governed by their grievances. Their lives are built around their grievances and they experience broken relationships as a result or may be often upset or infuriated with someone or about something. Others are led by their liabilities and naturally that works to their disadvantage. They focus on what works against their success and in so doing miss great opportunities for growth, development and eventual success. Yet others are controlled by their constraints. They minimize their possibilities of success and victory by focusing on their limitations, restrictions and inabilities. They devote most of their attention and energy to the wrong thing. FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK/ORDER

This book, Living The Overcoming Life is about life where the rubber meets the road.  It is not a set of theoretical, hypothetical or even theological jargon.  It is about practical strategies for overcoming life’s real challenges.  The book presents overcoming strategies for issues such as rejection, misunderstanding, impatience, negative thinking, unforgiveness, envy and revenge to mention a few.  You would be pleasantly surprised by several things you will read in this book even from reading the first few free pages of the book. FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK/ORDER


In my part of the world, the hurricane season begins on 1st June and ends on 30th November. In life, the hurricane season begins on 1st January and ends on 31 st December. They strike at any time. Storms are a sad reality of life that we all face but can never get accustomed to and quite often don’t know how to respond or defy them. Financial, relational, moral, spiritual, personal and other life threatening storms blow your way leaving little or no hope of survival. They frequently leave people devastated and sometimes dead, not just physically. Fortunately, you don’t have to be another storm statistic. My book
In Your Life And Even Make History tells how you can defy or overcome your storms and possibly make history at the same time as Peter did when he walked on water in his storm to go to Jesus (Matthew 14:22-33). FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED. click here to read EXCERPTS, SUMMERY, TESTIMONIES ETC/ ORDER NOW

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DEVELOPING DYNAMIC DISCIPLES is ideal for new believers in Christ but is also very beneficial to any Christian who desires spiritual growth and maturity. The book has a strong practical focus aimed at developing the essential spiritual disciplines resulting in spiritual growth and victorious Christian living. This book is thoroughly biblical with many supporting passages for topics covered. The topics dealt with in this book take the Christian from an understanding of the fundamentals of salvation to being able to effectively sharing one’s faith in Christ and prepare oneself for service in the church. That is evident by the ten lessons in the book outlined here: Lessons in their order are: 1. The Believer’s Salvation, 2. Assurance of Salvation, 3. Fellowship, 4. Prayer, 5. Bible Study, 6. Overcoming Temptation, 7. The Lordship of Jesus Christ, 8. Relationships, 9. Errors to Avoid and 10. Service. It is noteworthy that lesson 9 gives the believer researched information that will help in distinguishing between truth and error. Developing Dynamic Disciples can be used in several different ways. It can be used for personal study, one-on-one discipleship and new believers’ class. One of the best features of this book though is that it is very user-friendly. FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS BOOK /ORDER

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Spanish Discipleship Book For New Believers

Desarrollando discípulos dinámicos es ideal para los nuevos creyentes en Cristo pero es también muy beneficioso para cualquier Cristiano que desee crecimiento espiritual y madurez. El libro tiene un fuerte enfoque práctico apuntado desarrollando la esencia en la disciplina espiritual resultando en crecimiento espiritual y una vida victoriosa en Cristo. Este libro a fondo es bíblico con muchos pasajes de apoyo para los temas desarrollados. Los temas tratados en este libro lleva al Cristiano desde un punto de entendimiento fundamental de la salvación a poder efectivamente compartir una fé en Cristo y preparar a uno mismo para el servicio de la iglesia. Esto es evidente en las 10 lecciones en el libro subrayado aquí. Las lecciones son: 1. Salvación del creyente, 2. Seguridad de salvación, 3. Comunión, 4. Oración, 5. Estudio Bíblico, 6. Superando tentación, 7. El señorio de Jesucristo, 8. Relación, 9. Errores a evitar, 10. Servicio. Es notable que la lección 9 da al creyente información investigada que ayudara en distinguir entre verdad y error. Desarrollando discípulos dinámicos puede ser usado de diferentes maneras. Puede ser usado como estudio personal, discipulado uno a uno y a clases de nuevos creyentes Una de las mejores características de este libro es facil de usar. FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED.PULSA AQUÍ PARA SABER MÁS

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This book That Will Never Happen To Me is written from a Christian perspective and is loaded with practical guidelines for youths and singles regarding relationships with the opposite sex. It addresses matters such as falling in love, the unequal yoke and peer pressure to name a few. One of the highlights of the book is its recommendation of very practical ways to overcome sexual temptations. It is relatively short, quite user friendly and has a strong biblical base. Real life examples serve to make principles mentioned unmistakably clear. CLICK HERE FOR Kindle Edition