At its command soldiers become alert, students stop misbehaving and people stop talking – quite normal responses especially when someone in authority yells, “ATTENTION!”

What about the highest authority in the universe, God?  Does anyone pay attention to Him?  Does God get anybody’s attention?  Does God get your attention?  I’m not talking about the little prayer you recite daily or the religious ceremonies you take part in from time to time.  I mean, does God really have your undivided attention?

If not, exactly what has to happen before He gets your serious attention?  Does a close family member or friend have to die?  Does your close friend have to get shot or be imprisoned?  Do you have to get into a fatal accident?  Do you have to come close to death?  Do you have to go to jail first?  Do you have to get AIDS or some other incurable disease?  What will it really take?

Don’t wait for tragedy to strike with your back against the wall then bawl “O God!” Pay attention to God NOW, and don’t say “Not yet.  I am fine.” Saying “Not yet” is the same as saying “No” to God, and that is always dangerous.  Why not wise up and give God the attention He deserves now.  After all, He created you, and He is free to ‘out your light’ at any time.                         

     “ATTENTION !” sometimes warns us of danger.  Those who ignore the warning will feel the pain and will have only themselves to blame.  Whether they run off the road, get electrocuted, get torn by bad dogs, get shot or anything else is their fault.  All those things are terrible, but the worst thing that can happen to anyone is to end up in hell after ignoring all God’s calls and warnings.  But that does not have to happen to you because God is warning you right now as you read hoping He will get your attention.

God says to you today in Amos 4:12 “Prepare to meet your God…” Are you honestly prepared to meet God?  In Revelation 20:15, God warns, “Those whose names were not found written in the book of life were cast into the lake of fire.” Is your name written in God’s book of life?  If not, then your last stop in this journey of life is the lake of fire.  Only then will you realize that hell is your worst nightmare come true.

Take God seriously today, and accept His gift of eternal life, and get your name in the book of life.  God made His move by sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross in your place. His blood flowed from His wounds for the forgiveness of all your sins.  Jesus rose from the dead on the third day, and He is alive to save and deliver all who will believe on Him including you.  That is great news.  Isn’t it?

Your move is to accept God’s forgiveness and  gift  of eternal  life  by putting your trust in 

Jesus Christ.  Give  your life to Jesus today  by   

praying the following prayer.  Mean every word from your heart as you pray and God will forgive you, save you and give you a new life.


PRAYER: O God, I confess that I have been ignoring you and not paying attention to you as I should. I have been doing my own thing and living my life my own way, but today I realize that I am a lost sinner, and I am not prepared to meet you.  I ask you to forgive and cleanse all my sins by the blood of Jesus. I give my life to you Jesus today, and I receive you into my heart as my Saviour. Thank you God for saving me and changing me, in Jesus’ name. Amen!


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