Mr & Mrs George

Our journeys began separately then merged in marriage on 29th July 1989 to travel together thereafter.  Prior to our marriage, I became a Christian in my early teens, enrolled in the Open Bible Institute of Theology at age 17 and graduated in 1982 with a diploma in Theology.  Subsequently, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eugene Bible College, Oregon, USA.   My work experiences cover teaching at the Open Bible High School and at the Open Bible Institute of Theology (OBIT) of which I am currently the Vice President since 1998 after serving in a presidential capacity for seven years.  One of my God-given gifts is writing which commenced in 1996 with my book Developing Dynamic Disciples.  Over the years, I have written several books which are displayed in this website.  Additionally, I have written several tracts.  On a personal level, I enjoy fun activities like indoor games and sports especially football and cricket and outdoor activities generally.   

     My wife, Libby on the other hand, faced some challenges in early life and on becoming a Christian, things changed especially her perspective on life.  Her occupation was a pre-school educator.  After marriage, she resumed her educational pursuits which led to her completing a BA degree in Psychology/Counselling & School Education specializing in ECCE.  Over the years following, she did several short developmental courses in the areas of Office Administration, Dyslexia, Autism, Child Care and more recently, Cake Decorating and Wedding & Events Planning.   

     With charity being her heart beat, she loves people deeply and unconditionally.  She has a passion for helping people in need which she demonstrates on a personal level, through the church ministry dedicated to that cause and in collaboration with other like-minded persons.  Additionally, she has been utilizing her God-given gift in the use of her hands.  Over the years, she has made gift baskets, gulab jamun (an Indian delicacy), brownies and since 2000 to the present, she has been making exquisite never fading 14 carrot gold-filled wire and Swarovski crystals jewelry.  More recently, she has been making mouth-watering pastelles as well as edible and whole fruit arrangements.  She also prepares sweet tables with appropriate decorations and colour schemes for persons requesting such for special occasions and functions.  Her latest endeavor is with hand-crafted creations through knitting and crocheting creating items ranging from head pieces and earrings to footwear. 

     It has been 31 years since we have been travelling this journey of life and love together.  We enjoy playing indoor games together and travelling whenever it is possible.  We worked together at OBIT for 10 years.  Simultaneously, we have been engaged in senior pastoral ministry which commenced in 1995 as the founders of the Gasparillo Open Bible Church and served for 21 years and continue today at the Claxton Bay Open Bible Church.  We continue to avail ourselves to do God’s will wherever He leads.   

     Apart from salvation, our greatest earthly blessing as a couple came in 2005 when God gave us a miracle son in the person of Calix Royal Richard George after 16 years of marriage.  We love each other and are devoted to each other, but our greatest devotion we give to our Lord Jesus Christ.